Comforts for your stay

The departments are 2 environments composed by a matrimonial room, bath and one dining room is living – where they find two seaworthy beds.

Doors - windows double glass, they possess a thermal and acoustic insulation.

They possess in addition a balcony with sight to our garden where is the swimming pool, which allows that the children should enjoy the facilities under the care of the adults from the interior of the department, beside they have an agreeable and luminous environment.

Garden Paradise

The complex is in the center of the apple being like that distanced from the Av. Juan B. Justo  Rightly what avoids troublesome noises of the vehicles that circulate and the labour activity of the Zone.

The location of the complex is to 3 blocks of mike center and to 6 stables of the General San Martin park. The zone is highly tourist, since we are at small distance of the center, not being like that immersed in.

On the other hand we are to 2 blocks of Carrefour Supermarket where circulate great quantity of transport with destinies as the Shopping, purchase center, centers of food, etc, besides agencies of tourism and of excursions.